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Do you have questions about consumer rights? Having difficulty returning goods that you have purchased online?

More information on a number of consumer-related topics is available in our Knowledge Centre. CLICK HERE

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ScamWatch Quick Reporting Tool 

The ScamWatch Quick Reporting Tool is available 24 hours to report suspected scams and suspicious activity.

Scams impact people in Scotland every day, sometimes costing them thousands of pounds.

Reporting a scam to us helps us with our work to protect people across the country.

Visit to use the Quick Reporting Tool. 


Scammers: How they operate and what to watch out for

Scams impact consumers, often costing them thousands of pounds. The techniques that scammers use vary and they utilise email, telephone, and web-based methods of reaching out to consumers. MORE


Unfair Delivery Charges 

Consumers in areas classified by retailers as 'remote' or 'rural' can often face increased and unfair delivery charges when compared to other customers.

Help us to tackle the problem and report unfair delivery charges HERE 


Scottish Map

The Parcel Map and Interactive Data Hub is an innovative online tool which aims to improve transparency in delivery prices across Scotland. 

With recent increased awareness around unfair delivery charges, particularly in rural areas, this new multi-purpose resource allows individuals and businesses to check delivery prices against nationwide averages. 

Click HERE to find out how much delivery companies charge to ship to your address. 

If you believe you pay unfair delivery charges due to the area you live in, you can fill in a simple online form HERE. Relevant information will be passed onto the relevant authorities for further investigation.  


Test & Protect: Help stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)

Test and Protect is Scotland’s way of putting into practice the test, trace, isolate, support strategy.

It will prevent the spread of coronavirus in the community by:

  • identifying cases of coronavirus through testing
  • tracing the people who may have become infected by spending time in close contact with them
  • supporting those close contacts to self-isolate, so that if they have the disease they are less likely transmit it to others

This will allow us to gradually change the restrictions that help to suppress the virus, and instead to contain it so that society and the economy can avoid a return to lockdown.


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